Tiny Houses and the People Who Live in Them

For buying tiny houses from sale, people do not have to mortgage their existing properties anymore. 29.3% of tiny house owners amongst 69% of tiny house buyers do not have mortgage. More than half of the tiny house dwellers do not pay rent or a mortgage. The risks of getting drowned in debts are reducing. For many, it gives a scope to enjoy the work they love other than engaging an office for eight hours a day, they have the provision to work for less hours. 2 out of 5 tiny house owners i.e. 38% of tiny house owners are above 50 years old. The 40-50-year-old group has the lowest percentage with only 18%. So, it would seem the older and wiser you get, the more you realize the need to beat the system with a tiny house.

Tiny Houses And The People Who Live In Them