The Nuts and Bolts of Park Model Homes

park model homes for sale

Park model homes are typically manufactured at a facility and then transported to the buyer’s desired location. There are many reasons behind purchasing a park model home. These homes are 12 feet wide and 36 feet long with roofs made of shingles or metal. Park model homes are appealing to all ages, as they provide freedom to travel wherever you want to go. In addition, by choosing a park model home or tiny house, you can teach your children to live a simple life.

How Much Do They Cost?

The prices of park model homes for sale are factory fixed, but there are some decisive factors. These homes are considered vehicles, which means you will pay taxes accordingly, not as a typical home or property. The floorplan, materials used for the exterior and interior, and the location determine the price of park model homes. You have the option to customizing your home, thus affecting the overall price.

Park Model Home Construction and Delivery

Park model homes are built using the finest quality materials to help them withstand any harsh weather elements. The bottom line of building these homes is to maintain efficiency and quality. A standard park model home consists of:

  • 8-foot sidewalls.
  • 16-inch-thick exterior walls.
  • Insulated fiberglass heat ducts.
  • Insulated vinyl windows.
  • A full-house wrap to save energy.
  • Walls and ceilings with rounded corners.
park model homes for sale

Park model homes are typically 400 square feet in the U.S. If a home is built exceeding this measurement, it is considered a manufactured home, and taxes should be paid accordingly.

The greatest benefit of these homes is their transportability. These homes can be placed at a recreational park on a long-term basis. When you look at park model homes for sale, you can select the design, customize the floor plan and ask for a help from the in-house engineers. These homes can save you a lot of money. The materials are cost effective and energy efficient. In addition to this, other than not paying heavy property taxes, you have to only register the home and get a license, and you are ready to go.

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