Tiny Houses Are Getting Big Attention

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Tiny houses offer the best presentation of craftsmanship. Utilizing a small space to its greatest capacity is the basic idea of constructing tiny homes. Although the exact origin of tiny houses may have been forgotten, these homes are appealing to all. Compared to the average American homes of 2,400 square feet, tiny houses average a mere 400 square feet. You can get custom-made tiny houses offering adaptability and value. Before you start searching for tiny houses for sale, here are the features you should know.

Tiny homes are sustainable and can withstand harsh weather elements. They can easily have rain catchment technology, solar panels and greywater management systems implemented. The biggest advantages of tiny houses are their energy efficiency, eco-friendliness and use of technology. With cell spray foam used as insulation, the space is efficient in heating and cooling. The basic idea lies in saving space and making everything multipurpose. The efficient heating and cooling system saves energy, the low-flow water appliances assure minimal water consumption and the greywater management system assures the water gets back into the ground after filtration.

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When a tiny home is made to be energy efficient to reduce its carbon footprint, it can reduce energy consumption up to 40 percent. Other features and tips to keep in mind when searching for tiny houses for sale are:

  1. The bed: In a small home, you will not have space to keep a king or queen bed. Instead, install lofted beds to save space. If you cannot go up stairs, buy a convertible couch or futon that can be used for guests during the day and turned into a bed at night.
  2. Natural light: Larger windows are a key feature of tiny houses. Federal laws have restricted the structure of tiny houses to a 8.5-foot width and 13.5-foot height. Due to this limited space, the larger windows are the only way to allow more natural light inside.
  3. Storage solutions: Even though the house is small, that does not mean your possessions and belongings are fewer. However, to keep all those things, you will need a smart storage solution. You can hang pots and pans and keep blankets or pillows in a trunk that doubles as a bench or table. A folding kitchen table is also a good space saver. You can use it as an ironing table, reading table, etc. You can buy an expandable counter for chopping vegetables. For efficient bathroom storage, install in-counter storage, but be careful about the water drainage. Storage under the floor will also make your home tidy and organized, and you can get the best use of your space.
  4. Multipurpose area: To best utilize the space, make sure to use it in a multipurpose way. The kitchen can be your dining room, your office and even your living area. By using a convertible couch, you can make the living area your bedroom.
  5. Multi-use appliances: Try to buy combination appliances such as a breakfast station where you can make a sandwich, prepare tea, or bake or grill.

The ideas that are implemented in tiny houses can also be used in your big home. If you are trying to find tiny houses for sale, Stone Canyon is the best place to buy one, as it offers all the best features.