Top 6 Misconceptions about Tiny Houses

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The concept of tiny houses is a whole new genre now. Besides their popularity, there are many misconceptions as well regarding tiny houses. Inadequate knowledge is responsible for creating these misconceptions and myths. Therefore, we suggest you go through the facts and myths about tiny houses before you choose this minimalist living.

1. It Is Hectic

Most people think that making a tiny house is a very difficult job to perform. Setting up the entire house demands your effort, but the cleaning and maintaining of it does not. An average 400-square-foot tiny house comes nowhere close to a 2,500-square-foot standard American house. Moreover, there are companies offering readymade tiny houses for sale, which only need to be transported to the desired location.

2. It’s Anti-Establishment

Of course, there are many micro cottages for sale that you can move from one place to another. They come with wheels just as RVs do. But that doesn’t mean that tiny houses are anti-establishment. A portable tiny house is not always the same as an RV. Many people who have a tiny house settle in one place and have many modern amenities in their micro cottage.. The intention is to maintain a minimalist lifestyle.

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3. You Don’t Need a Permit

Regardless of the size, if you are staying in a tiny house and the structure is occupying a certain space, you will need a permit. The law can be different from one place to another, and the consequences of breaching it are also different, but a permit is required for living in a tiny house.

4. It Reduces Property Value

If you rent property and settle your tiny home there, the property has less chance of being spoiled. A tiny home is structured in a way that it can be moved, so it does not directly harm the space it sits on. As long as you are a good neighbor and maintain your home properly, having a tiny home should not affect the property its on or those next to it.

tiny houses for sale

5. There Is Low Demand

We can show you how people eagerly wait for tiny houses for sale. Small families are fond of living in tiny houses, where they can lead a minimalist lifestyle. The provision of taking the house along like an RV is an added advantage that attracts people the most.

6. It Doesn’t Have Enough Space

For people who are accustomed to standard American living in a 2,500-square-foot house, a tiny house may seem a difficult concept to follow. It lies in your wisdom of choice. Your motto should be keeping only the essentials. Finding multi-functional furniture and utilizing every corner of the space to store the essentials without making it look clumsy is a challenge of minimalist living. Work on it and chalk out a plan before you opt for micro cottages for sale.

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