Buying a Tiny House - Points to Consider

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Are you thinking of joining the tiny home revolution? You are not alone; many people consider the same. The concept of the tiny house has gone to an all new level in the U.S. Minimalist living is attracting people toward tiny houses. The challenge of living in a very limited space with only the essential things is like standing out of the box. People love being different, and so tiny houses are in high demand.

If you are all set to shop for tiny houses, you must have done some research. But, if you are just starting to consider the idea, we are here presenting some well-researched points for you:

  • Know your goals and learn to differentiate between long-term goals and short-term ones. Most Americans dedicate a huge amount of money to their homes. If you opt for tiny houses for sale, they will be an economic alternative to the norm. But if you consider your home as an investment and want to resell it to get a lot more back, a tiny home may disappoint you a little. You can consult the experts of tiny houses to learn about the fluctuations of its value.
  • Time to reconsider your decision if you think that a tiny house is same as an RV. There are two types of tiny houses. One is on wheels and another is without wheels. The ones with wheels can be registered as RVs. If you are seeking an RV-style home, you can check out park model homes for sale also.
  • There are several DIY options for making your own tiny house, but it is better to get a readymade one. You can opt for a pre-owned house, which will be easier for you to start with. There will be less scope, though, for customization, but you can move into your home right after purchasing it.B
  • Before setting up a new home or a pre-owned one, you will need a permit, including for electricity and plumbing.
  • To purchase a tiny home, you may apply for a loan. You can choose from a bank loan, credit union loan, RV loan, traditional mortgage or personal loan. You should have a good credit score to get the loan for your tiny home.


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It is better to discuss options with a professional to know the details about tiny homes, the loans available and the perfect location for a tiny home. If you are interested in tiny homes or park model homes for sale, professional builders will give you a clear idea of the process. Stone Canyon is a business you can rely on for safe and secure minimalist living.