Distinct Features of Modular, Park, Mobile Cabin Homes or Manufactured Homes

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At a glance, a modular, park, mobile, park and manufactured home may look similar, but from the inside, all of these homes have both subtle and obvious differences. Before you invest your hard-earned money, read on to learn more details of these distinctly different homes.

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Mobile Cabin Homes

Mobile cabin homes are built at an off-site location and then moved to the location where the owner plans to live. Mobile cabin homes for sale after 1976 have to comply with certain HUD codes. Because of these regulations, the construction and installation of mobile cabin homes are now much safer than in the past.

These homes include all of the basic amenities and of course are very comfortable. They are typically located either on the owner’s land or at a mobile home park. The homes have steel I-beams running along their underside, which may rest on top of wooden pillars, metal stands or concrete blocks. Two, three or more units can be joined together to create a double, triple or multiple-wide.

mobile cabin homes for sale

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes are factory built and, like mobile cabin homes, made under the HUD code enacted in 1976 by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. These homes are built completely inside the factory, in an environment with full climate control. Manufactured homes are shipped on flatbed trucks in 10 to 12-foot sections and assembled at the site where they will be located.

After the manufactured home is transported to the desired location, further construction takes place there, including for adjoining blocks or any other skirting. Manufactured homes are typically installed on moveable block pillars or a permanent foundation. The regulations by HUD for a manufactured home include the following:

1.       The quality of the house.

2.       Strength and durability. If a manufactured home is constructed as per HUD rules, it will be able to withstand winds up to 100 miles per hour.

3.       The design of the house.

4.       How transportable it is.

5.       Fire resistance.

6.       Electrical, water or plumbing and heating systems of the house.

Then, after the home is assembled and attached to power and other utilities, a local code inspector must review the connections.

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Modular Cabin Homes

Modular cabin homes are the pinnacle of factory-made homes. These homes maintain the same standards as those built on-site but do not require the same amount of time and energy, which drastically cuts down on construction costs. Like traditional homes, these homes also can stand against severe storms, wind or snow. Modular cabin homes for sale through Stone Canyon are customized according to the buyer’s preferences, and all are approved by safety inspectors.

Once assembled, modular cabin homes look exactly like traditional homes. These homes can be multi-storied, and all are attached on-site.

mobile cabin homes for sale

Park Model Homes

Park model homes are a comparatively new type of factory-built home. Such homes are built according to HUD regulations, keeping in mind both quality and design. The makers of park model homes are bound to follow the RV industry codes, and thus the quality measures are equally applied.

Park model homes for sale are temporary accommodations, and people can use them for camping or for other seasonal uses. The Recreation Vehicle Association (RVIA) mentions the park model home as a unique trailer-type RV. These homes are easy to maintain, have design flexibility and are fully furnished. They can include electric, gas and water supply as well.