A New Way to Live Close to Nature: Log Cabin Mobile Homes

log cabin mobile homes

“Old wine in a new bottle” is the concept followed by log cabin mobile homes. If you ask whether the concept is new on the market, the answer is no. Then why is it trending now? The presentation of the traditional log house in a new way, combined with the relevance of present requirements, is the idea behind log cabin mobile homes.

Log homes were the favorite choice for life out in the wilderness. Escaping modern concrete buildings and city life, you can feel the fresh air and sit in solitude and peace if you have a log cabin mobile home. The scope of living close to nature has been reduced due to the destruction of forests and natural landscapes, but urban dwellers crave it.

Despite the few disadvantages of these log cabin mobile homes, people favor this idea, and there are valid reasons behind this. Here are some of the most prominent benefits.

log cabin mobile homes

Factory-Built Benefits

The major difference between a traditional, or stick-built, log cabin and mobile log cabins is that the latter one is portable. The traditional cabin is made at the site where it will be situated. The mobile homes, on the other hand, are made in a factory. After the cabin is built, it is transported to the place where you want to live. Thus, the home can be shifted from one place to another. Both types take minimal time to complete. The transportation of the completed mobile home is handled carefully by the professionals, and they asses the best route to reach the desired place without damaging the home.

Great Variation In Designs

This is one of those prevalent factors behind the immense popularity of log cabin mobile homes. The designs vary according to material types, size and location. The name “log cabin mobile home” implies that the material must be wood. However, the shape of the wood often decides the design of the home. Generally, D-shaped logs, Swedish cope logs, square logs or round logs are used in a log cabin mobile home. The choice of the material depends on the look you want. The sustainability, performance and moisture penetration of the home vary from design to design.

For the interior layout of the home, people often prefer traditional design implementation, such as Frontier, Settler, Adirondack, Pioneer, Mountaineer, Lincoln and other common designs.

Every type of home has a special part that is the most appealing of all. A log house flaunts its corners as the showstoppers. The structural integrity and the beauty are both dependent on the corners. You can choose from corner profiles like saddle notch, dove-tail, vertical corner post, butt and pass, and Mortise and Tenon.

log cabin mobile homes

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Log cabin mobile homes effectively keep out the biting cold. Wood is a fantastic insulator. The interior of the house retains heat, so it is always warmer inside during the winter. Wood gets warmed up during the day and radiates that heat during the night, when the weather is cooler.

The idea of a log house may bring the word deforestation to mind, but the logs used for these buildings are a farm product, and once the trees are cut, new ones are planted immediately afterward. These trees grow rapidly, filling in quickly for those that were cut down.

The portability of log cabin mobile homes is an added advantage to the eco-friendliness of these houses. The chances of a site being damaged by erosion and other problems is lessened due to the lack of on-site construction.

If you are considering the possibility of living in the lap of nature, contact Stone Canyon to build and install your home according to your needs and preferences.