A New Way to Live Close to Nature: Log Cabin Mobile Homes

Looking for a portable home with all the necessary amenities, including eco-friendliness and energy efficiency? Then log cabin mobile homes will be the best choice for you. These wooden homes with customizable designs will enable you to live comfortably in style.

Park Models and Maintenance

park model homes for sale

Park models are attractive and, at the same time, affordable. These smaller, mobile houses are fun to live in due to the greater number of opportunities for activities. They are basically recreational vehicles, and sellers offer park model homes for sale with several different layouts and features. Additionally, they are designed for either long-term or permanent placement living. When buying a park model home, you should check out the interior before choosing your ideal home.

An Ideal Park Model Home

If you see a common layout of a park model home, you will notice a few common features including a kitchen, bathroom, dining area and, of course, bedroom. Apart from that, the more expensive homes will have more space, which you can utilize according to your needs and preferences. A standard park model home is generally 30 feet long and 12 feet wide. Here are more details regarding some of the common features:

1.       Front living area: More than half of the space is taken up by the front living area. This is an open area, keeping the trailer airy, well-ventilated and spacious. Most designs include windows or sliding doors in this area.

2.       Kitchen: The cooking area adds elegance and storage space to the home. With additional storage, you can make multiple uses of this space.

3.       Dining area: Typically, the dining area is set up for two people to enjoy a meal together. If you wish, you can use the living or kitchen space for dining, or you can even choose to eat outside.

4.       Bathroom: When you look at park model homes for sale, pay attention to the bathrooms. Some bathrooms might not have modern appliances or all necessary facilities. In addition to basic appliances, the bathroom should have a good drainage system, and it should be functional.

5.       Bedroom: The bedroom should be located in the innermost corner of the park model home. It should also include a built-in closet and storage space. The standard bedrooms have adequate ventilation and are typically a minimum of 120 square feet.

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Park Model Home Maintenance

Mostly, a park model does need a lot of attention, but as an owner or resident, you do need to take a few steps to care for it. The first and most basic step you can take is an inspection—this will help you evaluate the home and know which, if any, areas need care. Stone Canyon, which offers top-quality park model homes for sale, suggests checking for termites. You should also check the electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures.

Heating equipment is another thing that you should look after. Check to see if it is in working order or not; otherwise, it can damage the entire electrical system.

Tips for Protecting a Park Model Home

1.       You should always prevent moisture from building up in between the roof, walls, floors and other structural places.

2.       Park models are vulnerable to severe storms, so to keep yours safe, maintain the roof and other structures according to the manufacturer’s advice.

3.       Check the vents, including the air conditioner, exhaust fan, etc.

4.       Use approved sealants or silicon coating for leaks and cracks.

5.       Clean the pipes on a regular basis.

Cover all the pipes with heat tape.